Why use a licensed attorney?

Janice Russell

RealtorĀ®/Licensed attorney

A licensed attorney has more education. In Pennsylvania, anyone 18 years or older who has completed 60 hours of real estate education is eligible to sit for the real estate salesperson license exam. An attorney, however, has completed at least 7 years of college, and has received intensive education on subjects such as property law, taxation, contracts, finance and consumer protection.

A licensed attorney can answer your legal questions. Even the most experienced real estate agents in the North Hills are not trained or authorized to answer legal questions, and they must be careful not to get in trouble for practicing law without a license. Therefore, when you ask even the simplest legal question, they have no choice but to say: "consult an attorney." If your real estate agent IS an attorney, however, this is not a problem. A licensed attorney can answer your legal questions, which saves you the hassle and expense of hiring someone else to do it. It's basically free legal advice, so take advantage of it!

A licensed attorney saves you time and money. The process of buying or selling a house can be very stressful, time-consuming, and expensive. Not only is it a major financial commitment, but you have to pack up everything you own and move at the same time! If you have legal questions and your North Hills real estate agent tells you to consult an attorney, you may be too busy or too worried about the extra expense to do it. Chances are you will just let the question go unanswered--unless your real estate agent is also an attorney.

A licensed attorney can help protect you from being sued. In today's real estate market, sellers have to be very careful to protect themselves from being sued by buyers after the real estate transaction has closed. Only a licensed attorney fully understands the legal aspects of selling a home. If you list your home with a real estate agent who is also a licensed attorney, that person has the knowledge and education to ensure that the terms of the sales contract you enter into with your buyer give you the legal protection that you need.